ACG Sales & Marketing offers comprehensive services, from item setup and maintenance to sales and marketing planning. We build long-term relationships with our customers focusing on strategies for sales growth of both your brick & mortar and online business. Our focus is to align your products with retailer’s websites and use marketing and sales strategies to help increase sales. We use key sales metrics to track your sales and inventory on a SKU level and make recommendations on assortments for each retailer.

Our focus is on developing strategies in all areas of representation including:

Business Development

  • Formulate strategy to launch pioneer lines of product with new and existing retailers
  • Manage product lines with retailers that have an existing and mature business
  • Nurture retailer partnerships to help grow business

Item setup and maintenance

  • Create all quote sheets, both import and domestic
  • Setup all items in the vendor management system; ensuring items are accepted by the buyer’s team
  • Make all changes to any items when needed, such as UPC, dimension or cost changes
  • Deliver all sample requests to concept lab or studio and work with online retailer teams for item asset management

Forecasting and Planning

  • Collaborate with retailer buyers and planners to create item level bottom-up forecasts for Spring and Fall
  • Work directly with planners to ensure that purchase orders are processed, confirm that planners make any needed changes
  • Collaborate with retailers to create productive Spring and Fall planograms to help meet sales goals

Sales Analysis

  • Pull data and create sales reports for retailers
  • Review item level sales reports and overall retail dollar and unit sales against retailer plans
  • Recommend orders to the planners, taking a hands-on approach to managing retailer inventory
  • Promote the company and products to increase sales and strengthen the brand


  • Website development and/or consulting including content creation and search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media development including account creation such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Blogging – writing of blog posts on company and product news
  • Google Adword campaigns – using keyword terms for your products so they can be found online at top of search engines
  • Public relations – writing of press releases for company and product news
  • Creation of marketing materials
  • Advertising in either print or online publications